Saturday, November 04, 2006

Prince Of Persia

Spent the whole morning lazing around my pc playing Prince of Persia : Sands of times until i got stuck not even after completing like 2% of the game ...yeah yeah yeah i admit it am a bad player.

So i did what any impatient gamer would do , i decided to get the damn walkthrough and that didnt help much either ..

So i installed another game ..Prince of Persia : The Two Thrones ..which by the way rocks ..awesome gameplay.

Now my eyes are all blurry ..need some rest :P.

And some people are enjoying themselves at the seaside!


invisible_roamer said...

I'd say that PoP : Sands of time story is way better than PoP : The two thrones. But you are right when you say that the latest one gameplay is better. But if you really wanna understand the whole plot (from beginning till the end).. I'll recommend you to play all the 3 PoP. That is.. "Sands Of Time, Warrior Within.. and finally The Two Thrones".

Carine said...

You COULD have been enjoying yourself at the seaside too!!!

invisible_roamer said...

I'm not much interested in seaside.. Le seul truc qui puisse me faire interessé d'aller à la mer, c d'etre en belle compagnie! lol carine !!

Unknown said...

yes well you see am such a bad gamer , i just switched to NFS , i think games like Prince of Persia are better played on PS or livebox than on PC.

Carine yeah but i would have got coup de soleil like u :P ..hihihi

Ashvin Gunga said...

Hope you won't mind teaching me the few %s that you have been able to play... :-)

Unknown said...

Sure once you upgrade your pc or buy a new one from the UK :D ..uses a lot of graphics.