Saturday, January 13, 2007

Giant Rabbit in your plate

The North Koreans finally found a way to solve their hunger problems , giant rabbits !

A 67 year old pensioner Karl Szmolinsky has been asked by the North Koreans for his secret in breeding giant rabbits. The rabbit expert has already shipped some of the rodents to Korea already along with tips on how to feed the monsters.

Apparently one giant rabbit can feed up to 8 people... so can sheeps ! However I guess that since rabbits have babies really fast thats why the Koreans are seeking to breed rabbits instead of sheeps.


Carine said...

These are SCARY!!!

Imagine one of those snapping your hand off as you try to feed it with a carrot!

ewwww....goose bumps!

Unknown said...


These big bunnies would make nice lounge decoration except....

.... there will be nothing else but the bunny in the lounge after a few day :D

My wife could not believe it

Unknown said...

loooooooool not many people believed it when i posted this entry .. then i did a search on wikipedia and guess what there are dozens of these breeds that make giant rabbits!