Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hot phones for 2007

The hot phones to expect from 2007 have already been announced at the 2007 International CES. I know you must be salivating to know them better.

We start by the N800 which looks like an old grandpa transistor with a wide screen. This handset is meant for those geeks that really can't live without checking every 30 minutes. If you always want to be online then the N800 is your phone.

The Nokia N93i is the smaller sister of the N93 . It is an inch or so smaller than its predecessor and is blogger friendly according to Nokia. With its 3.2 megapixel camera this baby can shoot DVD like quality video upto 45 minutes. The price should be around $780 which makes it one of the most expensive Nokia phones.

Am seriously looking for a clamshell since last year I have been following closely the N93 but then there were 2 factors that really deterred me from getting one the first being taht the price of the handset was way too high Rs 30,000 I could buy a new pc instead ..and the other factor was the size of the phone ...really big , which is such a shame.

When I saw the N76 like an hour ago I thought hey this might just be in my pocket in a few months time. This is the first slim phone a la RAZR from Nokia. Its attractive , trendy , fashionable , comes in 2 shades black and bright red. And above all its a smartphone.. can't wait for it to come out. Should cost around $507 - Rs 18,000 something.

See all the nokia phones in action from the nokia site .

Another interesting phone is the iPhone , yes you heard it right the iPod just got magical powers. Now not only can you listen to music but you can actually take calls too!

Its designed to provide easy access to the web and your email. Apple is convinced that it's a breakthrough Internet communications device .The iPhone will not have any buttons but will be controlled with its touchscreen. The nice big screen is certainly a wow factor along with the big storage unit which will allow up to 3 films to be stored , 4GB and 8GB units will be available

However with advanced technology comes big price tag so do expect to spend at least $500 for the 4GB version and $600 for the 8GB one.

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