Tuesday, January 09, 2007

On demand Video in Mauritius

The general trend these days is that the web is getting everywhere and allowing bigger chunks of data to be propagated throughtout its global network as more and more people get connected via broadband.

Thus it becomes plausible to watch TV and listen to music via streams. I find it really enjoyable to be able to control what I want to watch. Personnally I think video on demand or VOD has great prospects.

In my little room at home for example I got a DVD player , Satellite TV and my livebox with a VOD settop box. The DVD player is cool you can watch your DVDs on it ...obviously .. but you need to feed it with media. Satellite TV provides a ton of video content , channels with specific genre for example Cuisine TV channel provides recipes, cooking tips and National Geographic channel provides documentaries about animals , plants and nature in general.

However at times you don't have any new DVDs to play nor do you find any interesting content on Satellite ,you end up either on the Net or in bed ..fast asleep from boredom. Of course it would have been healthier if you did some exercises instead.

With VOD this is another story depending on the video on demand service to which you are subscibed , in my case its MY.T watch, you can choose from a collection of video provided online. Its like another type of freedom the freedom to choose what YOU want to see.

Unfortunately for my case the video archive for MY.T is not very big as its still a new service and trying to seek its niche in the booming broadband market.Am however confident that in the coming years either MY.T watch or another VOD service provider will find its place in our bedroom/living room.


Anonymous said...

The movie catalogue of a VoD provider is what makes it attractive. At any one time, I can choose from 500 movies on Filmflex for a fee between £1.50 to £3.50 -- the more recent the movie, the more expensive it is to watch it, obviously.

However, I rarely have to spend on VoD, as of the 200+ TV channels, a few are showing interesting movies. Also, another former VoD provider, FilmFour, has switched to an ads revenue model, which has allowed it to show movies for free.

I wish you, guys in Mauritius, could enjoy the same services as we do here.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Yes eddy it would be awesome to have such a service in place.

The only big factor which might pose an obstacle is to convert as much internet dialup subscribes to fast speed broadband connections to make this service profitable.

It would be great to have Tivo or Filmflex here...if you think about it its just a question of having a representative in mauritius, everything would be accessible via the box which connects to a site streaming video online.