Friday, October 20, 2006

Now officially online 24hrs a day

I just got My.T installed at home and i must admit that it simply rocks ... the joys of being online 24 hours a day for only a little over a thousand rupees per month.......wicked!!!!!!!!!!!


My room now look absolutely hyped up with a cool powered up PC connected to ADSL and my TV connected to the digital tuner box.

I can hardly hide my joyyy ...blastingly goooooooooooooooooood!


Anonymous said...

So finally drifting at 100 Mbps? :)
Enjoy the ride...

Carine said...

NOW we're talking business!
Welcome back to the wired world!

Ashvin Gunga said...

Join you soon on My.T ... coz that's the first thing I gonna do once I am back home: connect to net!!!!

Anonymous said...

What's your surfing speed with the ADSL installed? I'm looking to get 8Mb broadband now as it's the same price as 2Mb which i'm currently on.

And welcome to the world of 24hrs online presence :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Javed, what's this Mr. T thing and what speed can you get? I recently heared that all of Mauritius has a 250 Mbps uplink to the rest of the internet.\

javed said...

Hey Stephan ,
how are you :) ? actually the its My.T not Mr.T loool sounds like an old tv series :D .

So u get a 256kbps for connecting to the web and 2MB internal inside MRU.

Nothing to wat u guys have in the netherlands ;).