Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mondial auto 2006 and prototypes

Every car fanatic would know it if you happen to be in Paris until the 15th of October make sure to put Paris Expo , Porte de Versailles , on your travel map coz thats where you will find all the new models coming out from the different makes this year.

If however you are like me far away from "La Replublique" well there is only one alternative satellite .. M6 around 6:30pm on Sundays will give you insight on the different models being exposed and all the new trends in the motorvehicle industry.

The Mondial is also the opportunity to view some of the coolest prototypes on the market like the cool and feline Peugeot 908 which comes in 2 versions one is the sedan which is a real beast and technology-wise it rocks with PDA-controlled door locking and bluetooth enabled environment with touch screeens displays on board to control your habitat.The other version of the P 908 is going to be used for the "24hr du Mans" and is a race car.

Citroen's C-Metisse as its name implies offers a hybrid propulsion system that combines conventional petrol and electric motors to run this baby.

The Audi 2008 is also one of my favorites with its fast and furious style design and it does look like Will Smith's Audi in I-Robot.

There's a link to the new cars on displays thanks ashna :)


Unknown said...

So when do we get to drift in one of these cars? ... 4 years' time? :)

Unknown said...

This evening in the parking lot looool

Anonymous said...

I love the looks of the Audi R8.

Carine said...

These cars rock and u're rad, not nerd! :P

Unknown said...

Shane so do i , have to start a fan club for the Audi R8.

Carine thanks but whats a rad now .. i no Rational Application that it?