Saturday, June 04, 2005

Nomad Office offered by NetWork Plus

Mauritian company Network Plus is offering a service called Nomad Office. This service allows you to stay connected to the net even if you dont have a telephone nearby. It uses Wimax technology , allowing wireless connectivity to the web. All that you need is simply a modem and your pc/laptop.

Currently the Nomad Service is available from Grand Baie to Vacoas. The rest of the island still needs to be covered , so you just can't be that nomad after all :) .

Two types of connections are offered 128kb and 512kb. Whats good is that Network Plus allows you to temporarily shift to 512kb if you are on 128kb if you need , you just pay extra for the number of hours you increase your bandwidth.

Its the price which unfortunately leaves a salty taste in the mouth,you need to do a rs2000 deposit , rs 300 monthly for

rental and rs 1710/monthly for the 128kb connection whilst the 512kb is at rs 3240/monthly + 15% TVA (VAT). At this price , i

find servihoo's packages really better given the fact that mobility is really not and issue for most individuals.

The service is supposed to target offices , but i dont think that offices would require such a service in Mauritius. We all know how dangerous wireless connections can be . I personnally think its safer to use a wireless LAN in the office with

connection to the external environment via optic cables / telephone lines than relying solely on wireless Wimax connections.

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Jaeboy said...

I wonder how this works and what protocol it uses... My WiFi sniffer doesn't seem to smell anything.

Unknown said...

Try having a look at this website for additional wimax information:

Anonymous said...

It's using another frequency range and I think it does not require line of signt.

NetworkPLUS said...


Unknown said...

obviously call the networkplus or watever.... :P

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone.
Im using Nomad Home 64kb for a few months.
Let me tell you, it is EXCELLENT!
It is not that expensive to have unlimitted access to internet for Rs550+vat.
It is wireless and portable!

Anonymous said...

That true Kevin, Nomad is the best internet in Mauritius using the lastest technology of WiMax (first in Mauritius)
It has an affordable price for unlimitted internet. Thanks to Networkplus company for investesting so much in Mauritius.

Unknown said...

lol thats stupid , ashley who the hell is kevin loooooooooooooooooooooooool looks like you two guys work for nomad.

Anyways just to spoil your fun I dont say that nomad is bad its quiet good if you dont want to spend time doing formalities to get an ADSL connection and if you dont want to be restricted by your telephone line to connect but hey the connection speed is absolutely crappy !!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mr Javed,
I dont work for Nomad!!!
Im just expressing my feeling about the Nomad Im using. You can search Navini (some technology as Nomad)on internet, you will see how many countries are using WiMax without having any problem.
I do agree that at times we dont have stable connection with Nomad. But the price is affordable.
Im not a rich person to burn my money with Mauritius Telecom Rs950+ vat for his 128k/s ADSL.
I prefer paying Nomad Rs550+ vat for his 64k/s ADSL for unlimitted access to internet.

Anonymous said...

Javed, I guest you work for Mauritius Telecom. Or you must have plenty money to expense it with adsl Telecom Plus.
Not everyone is like you in Mauritius. The average of Mauritian get nearly Rs5000 for their monthly salary. How can they buy adsl from Mauritius Telecom which is Rs 950?
However, Nomad is abordable for his price. Im using Nomad and found it good!

Unknown said...

loooooool what is that the nomad fan club thats jumping on me or what hahahha..

Yasmeen just read up will you , as i said its up to you for your budget it might be good , but when i surf i look for a really good connection speed specially for broadband and i still maintain that nomad is crappy in comparison with MT plus because in the end Nomad's network has to branch somewhere with MT+ and that explains partly why the connection speed is slow.

But hey if that suits you , well thats brilliant , am just expressing my opinion here.

As for the average salary its Rs 8000 in Mauritius ;) .

Anyways i did another blog entry to compare ISP services being offered link here:

Unknown said...

sorry link is Choosing the right Mauritian ISP and Internet Package

Anonymous said...

Nomad No Limit Challenge!

Wow! The greatest part of my life.

Have fun with your Nomad my friend.

Anonymous said...

Mauritius Telecom SUCKS!!!
ADSL is extremely expensive in Mauritius. Mauritius Telecom have the monopoly on SAFE cable. MT is making millions of profit each year and he is not willing to reduce the price of ADSL!
England ADSL 8Mb/s is 10Pound (Rs600)
France ADSL 20Mb/s is 9.90Euro (RS400)
India ADSL 2Mb/s is Rs700
Ireland ADSL 8Mb/s is 20Euro (Rs800)
Mauritius ADSL 1Mb/s is Rs6400 +vat
Please dont call our country ‘Cyber Island’ People will laugh at us.

Anonymous said...

Check the this web:
When will ADSL 1Mb/s be Rs500? Maybe we should wait for 5 years or more to have the price of ADSL reduce in our beautiful Cyber Island. At that time, many country may have ADSL 50Mb/s for Rs500.

Unknown said...

Natasha you are right , am waiting for when ADSL will be rs 50 but i guess this will take a long long time :D .

Its a good thing that networkplus provides internet access at such a low price.

However we should also cater for the quality of the service being offered , rs 500 is still not a small amount of money for many people.

Anonymous said...

My friend check this site:
You can see by yourself that Mauritius Telecom has made a record profit of 19%. Yet, MT is still sucking to reduce price of ADSL.

Unknown said...

Yes that is bad and thats wats called a monopoly if there were other ISP offering the same broadband packages at a lower price mind you i would switch from MT to these other ISPs.

Thanks for pointing out the article.

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet Javed,
If you really want to break the monopoly of Mauritius Telecom just shift to Nomad. MT has 10000 clients for ADSL whereas in only 10 months Nomad has got 6000 clients.
I still remember in budget 2006, it was mention that price of SAFE cable have been reduce to 25%. But the price of ADSL is still the same!!!
Next year, MT will break another record on his profit. The show will go on again and again. We will continue waiting for the price of ADSL to reduce desperately!

Unknown said...

Yasmeen if nomad offers 256kb broadband and 2MB speed internal at a reasonable price of course i will shift.

Let me know when that happens ...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I've been reading a couple of threads about the Mauritius ADSL connection speed being terribly slow lately and I couldn't agree more.

Beginning this month, I've been experiencing extremely slow connection starting from 9am to 6pm. I've been experiencing extremely slow connection during 9am to 6pm. I'm on an ADSL 512 plan which should more or less guarantee a speed of 50-52KBps, however during the above mentioned hours, the speed is intermittent and drops to as low as 7-10KBps which is unacceptable.

I have to resort to using dial-up at times which is faster during this timeframe. If Mauritius Telecom can't guarantee a 512kpbs speed, why do you advertise for it? This is misleading and against advertising acts.

I've been told one false tale after another regarding the status of my complaint. I have called MT customer service repeatedly over the last several days just trying to get a honest account of what is really happening and what to expect. I feel that I can't trust anything that is told me anymore. I am tired of calling and being told that everything is fine with my line and nothing can be done.

Their usual mantra is that they don't guarantee speed for international website. Wake up! Who the hell uses Servihoo (uhh, using it right now just to vent myself!). Internet is meant to be global, and not restricted to MU websites afterall. It looks like that they're pushing up a lot of SME and SOHO to signup for ADSL and they can't keep up with the bandwidth demand.

I'm going to soon go to the press and will have interesting stories to tell afterwards.

Anonymous said...

I've recently take NOMAD...and it dnt know how to say but their internet services s*cks. I got disconnected all the time and haven't been able to download a a file above 80 mb yet!! and I have a 256 kb...wht's wrong with these guys! to disconnect after 2 hrs!! what kind of policy is that ? they told me that if i'm downloading i'll stay connected though the pc remain idle for more tan 2 hrs... I think that this company should really close its door..its a real shame for mauritius