Monday, February 26, 2007

Joost the new way to watch TV

As you might have witnessed we are gradually moving away from Satellite and Aerial antennas to watch our favorite channels and series. Many people are now downloading Heroes , Stargate , Lost or Prison Break , all their series directly from the internet(and at times illegally :P..bad!).

The way we watch TV is shifting as the Web has now the capacity to provide for our thirsty eyes... although our ISP still can't :P deliver as fast as we wished it would . Here is where Joost comes into play .

Joost as you will see on many review sites comes from the makers of the popular Skype , they want to do what they did with telephony but this time with video s'il vous plait.

At a 9.8MB something install this new Television on the desktop application is not very big in size which is a good thing as I wanted to test it out as soon as I was sent my beta testing password.

The user interface I must admit was very simple and pleasant to use. You can select from a wide variety of channels proposed by Joost and here I must say they did get some nice channels like National Geographic and Fifth gear , just to name a few.

The image quality is much better than YouTube for example . Actually you can't really compare Youtube with Joost as the latter has for objective to replace the channels you watch on your conventional TV set whereas Youtube is more about sharing videos . Joost provides quality image and content.

The application itself starts in full screen mode which is a bit surprising if you are not used to having your media player spread automatically across your display.

However quality has a price and that means for us My.T users that the video is really sluggish and stops every 5 seconds . What I do is that I just let it play in mute and after it has streamed I rewind back and look at the videos... its painful but what can you do .

Joost is still in beta so there is much improvement to expect before they finally deliver something nice and smooth.

So for me this is a brilliant piece of software but the biggest drawback is that its not for users on slow connections and at times the commands just disappear by themselves from the screen.

Joost provides free contents legally and is funded by adverts which pop up now and then ...see so you still are watching commercials after all ...yaaayyyyyy!

Ok got to leave you I need to watch the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Road test on the FIFTH GEAR channel ...tough life :P.


Anonymous said...

If you tried it on myt and didn't hanged freezed like that, this mean I should give it a try too lol....

do you get movie channels with it? some old one would even do?

Unknown said...

Right now Joost is in beta testing so they are running more 3- 30min clips than anything else.

Its really interesting and up to date material nevertheless.

I have however not seen any movie channels but its coming :).

However you can not register for an account you need to be invited.

I dont have any invitations at the moment will give you one as soon as I get them..