Saturday, February 24, 2007

Aweful Saturday

Gamede is still outside howling and shaking big trees as if they were made of paper. There has just been a power cut in Port-Louis and the AC current has been fluctuating a lot making my pc restart at least a dozen times.

I hope I continue getting power its really annoying not being able to watch anything on the TV or not being able to use the PC. I wonder what people would do in the old times when electricity was still a luxury and a cyclone raged outside. I guess they must have been worried about whether their houses would stand or not. Its only quite recent that most Mauritian families live in solid concrete houses. I do know that some people must be playing card or board games or just talking around a hot meal.

I have another satellite picture of Gamede , the storm doesn't seem to want to move away it has slowed down its pace meaning tomorrow is still not going to be better.


Ashvin Gunga said...

So, u enjoying this cyclonic weekend? I am sure u r, afterall we dnt have it so often :-)

Unknown said...

not at all i dont like this cyclonic weather i feel confined :S ..i prefer when its raining and windy but still able to go out.

on top of that my pc keeps shutting down.

But i see u are getting a kick out of it :D.