Saturday, December 30, 2006

A day before the last of 2006

Its rare but tomorrow am not just celebrating the New Year I will also be celebrating Bakr-eid or Eid_ul-Adha.I won't be describing what New Year nor Eid_ul-Adha are am pretty sure you are all well educated readers :) and there are a lot of people that gonna blog about it.

This morning the Port-Louis bazaar was sizzling with goodies you could see that people were busy buying groceries for New Year parties , I guess this is one occasion where people of all faith and origin celebrate at a go. You could see that a swarm of buyers were going through the stalls much more than usual , much more than on Xmas even.

I was a bit disappointed that I didn't win the lottery though. The results had been out since yesterday but I only got the chance to check them out this morning.. ok maybe am not so disappointed I just hope someone in need would win the rs10 million and maybe bring some light in the lives of the people around him/her ...yes happy thoughts its the new year after all. An alouda was just what got me over my earlier disappointment...mmm would love to have one right now.

After the bazaar I had an absolutely great and memorable afternoon at the caudan . Went to see the new James Bond , Casino Royale . However I must say I think Pierce Brosnan does a better job than the new guy , Daniel Craig. The guy looked a bit old ...the Bond should be young come on but the thing that caught my eye the most during the flick was the Aston Martin ,just too good.

On going out from the cinema I noticed that I had lost my caudan parking ticket so I had to pay rs 200 fine and the guard at the exit took my Id and gave me a receipt for the fine. He told me that if I ever find the parking ticket I could give it back to them and the would return me back on the rs 200.

Thats it from me just can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store. :)

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