Thursday, December 21, 2006

The chicken or the egg

This must have been the silliest question which has troubled so many ingenious minds all through these centuries which came first boiled eggs or kentucky fried chicken ?.. the egg or the chicken ?

So I made a search on wikipedia where the problem is extensively documented. How some people get such a kick from writing these kinds of stuff is even a bigger mystery for me :D.

Here is an extract ,

Since both the chicken and the egg create the other in certain circumstances (a chicken emerges from an egg; an egg is laid by a chicken) it is ambiguous which originally gave rise to the other. Purely logical attempts to resolve the dilemma result in an infinite regress, since an egg was caused by a chicken, which was caused by an egg, etc. Since every chicken originates from its egg, it seems obvious the egg came first.

My personal speculation is that Santa Claus came first , however this theory is overruled by many academics.

Here is another site which deals with the very exciting mystery.However be prepared for some incomprehensible explanation about the evolution of our common chickens.


Ashvin Gunga said...

Hey buddy,

if I am not mistaken, the answers that common people do give when asked this question is "i was not born yet" ... can this be accepted as one of the answers?


Ashvin Gunga said...

or shall we ask god? ;-) Btw, i was thinking a similar question: which came first, man or god? has man created god or god created man? haha.. tricky question!

Unknown said...

i think you are not mistaken .. people from lallmatie do say that ..hihihihihi


Carine said...

I think Lallmatie ppl try to THINK too much!!! :P

Just eat the damn eggs/chicken!

Unknown said...

mmm by the looks like it tommorrow we are eating a good chicken curry :p