Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How to fry an egg without fire

Its lunch time your hungry nothing in the office kitchen except an egg , your stomach starts growling, you ask yourself why you didn't take your wife's smelly tuna sandwitch and you become deaf by the noise your tummy makes... well not anymore!!!

One guy found the solution to your problem , fry the egg with your laptop!!!

Laptop nowadays although being 'almost' as powerful as regular desktops do have something really annoying , they emitt a lot of heat and this can be really uncomfortable if you have to actually place it on your lap while watching tv or in the plane for example.

The guy pictured above demonstrated that by literally frying an egg by placing it at the back of the pictured Macbook. Don't know if it tastes as good as being fried on a pan but hey thats better than becoming deaf from your stomach noise :P .

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