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Choosing the right Mauritian ISP and Internet Package

Lately I have been noticing that many people have suddenly switched to ADSL or WIMAX (Nomad) , frankly I was taken aback ...since I don't even have a connection at home(..modem burnt out) :P.

Mauritians no longer hesitate to take a Rs500+ something package to enjoy the bliss of surfing the web...which is a good thing last we can say babye to our dear old dial-up modem.

So here is a list of things that you should consider (Please correct me if am wrong) , when you do take your Internet Package:

---------Nomad :

Frankly I got to install a Nomad Kit at my cousin's house she was completely loss as to how to configure the thing. So she called me I came over realized that there was only a USB connection , then was equally puzzled as her until I figured out that a LAN connection had already been created and that she could as it is surf the web.

So the plus side I would say is that installation is simple and that it is easy to get a Nomad package at any Nomad stand, no need of any big paperwork.

Also you can take the kit with you and install it on your friend's pc , so thats cool.

The bad thing is the connection speed which is I must say awfully slow. I just hate having to wait for my pages to appear let alone download something. So thats a minus .. along with the fact that coverage is not guaranteed everywhere.

Also note that the Nomad box needs an AC current so if your power socket is near to your window then your really a lucky bunny.

Packages offered:

  • 64kbps - Rs 550

  • 128kbps - Rs 890 --my choice of a better option

  • 512kbps - Rs 1900

  • ------Wanadoo ADSL:

    Obviously if you are taking an ADSL connection from Telecom Plus this would mean that you connection would be faster than Nomad. However the big disadvantage is the paper work and you have to wait for the telecom guys to come over and install the gimmicks for you which can take a while ..heard it took like 2 whole weeks.

    Personally I dont have much patience, when I buy something i intend to have a quick and good service.

    Unlike Nomad your ADSL kit is dedicated only to your phone line , so you can't really take it with you..argggh.

    Packages offered:
  • Home 128 - Rs 950 /month

  • Home 128 - Home 512 - Rs 1,540 /month

  • ADSL 1 M - Rs 6,410 /month

  • Note: These prices are going to go down by Rs 100 in a few days

    -------My.T :

    My.T is the latest offering from Mauritius Telecom basically its the Wanadoo ADSL plus certain additional features:

  • My.T Watch - allows you to watch films and TV streamed over the internet

  • My.T Surf - surf the web thats is Wanadoo ADSL

  • My.T Call - allows you to make cheaper phone calls at discounted rates

  • So basically from what I understood you will be provided a LiveBox which is a small rectangular box with wires going into a TV Decoder for you to view new channels on your TV .

    The LiveBox also acts as a WIFI server making your house WIFI-enabled.In human language this means that you can connect to the internet without the need of wires .. you just require to add a WIFI card (which the telecom will add for you) to your pc.

    So installation is not that straight forward as the Nomad.

    Here with the Rs950 + VAT package you get a clear 256Kbps connection which is really fast , so surfing is like a breeze along with the fact that you enjoy a 2MBps connection locally within the country...awesome.

    However there is a big "BUT" there is a limit to this freedom and that is 1Gb if you download the equivalent of a ..lets say DVD on you pc well you would need to pay on top of the monthly fee Rs0.50 per megabyte which really is so annoying ...arrrg .. just when you thought that you could download all those freebie movies and software on the net.

    So do take care of the amount of stuffs you download with this package.

    There is also the TV remote which allows you to pay for a movie and view it. Now there are some channels which are available for free like TNT and some films which you do have to buy .

    But believe me the film listing is ..really aweful and aweful is a small word ..the movies available are just plain bad. People choosing that should consider newer flicks , movies just out on DVD or something ..comeon who is going to watch The Army of 12 Monkeys , i already saw that a couple of dozen times....There's even bobby there ..aaaah awful.

    So I personnally wouldn't go for My.T for just the tv stuff , go get Canal Sat instead!

    ----> So my Choice would be for the My.T package although the 1G limit is annoying still its 256Kbps for an affordable price and who knows maybe in a couple of years they will upgrade the level of the programs too!!


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    BRamburn said...

    What is the point of multiple isp when all of them are hooked to Mauritius telecom. It's like BT, all small isp hooks to bt but those small isp provide poor quality service, I rather stick to the main one who does provide the bandwidth to all the isp.