Thursday, January 05, 2017

Publish Docker Image to Amazon ECR

If you are using an Amazon AWS chances are that you already have ECR , Amazon EC2 Container Registry , within your account . Now this is practical if you want to have you own private Docker Registry for saving your docker images .

Now in my case I wanted to be able to push an image to my private Registry within the context of a Jenkins build .

So we will need to do the following  :

  • Configure AWS credentials on build machine
  • Configure Amazon ECR Docker Registry
  • Modify our Jenkins pipeline to perform a push 

Configure AWS credentials on build machine

1. install the awscli which allows you then to configure your aws account login info on your env , this is done using :

sudo apt install awscli

2. next we do the aws configuration using the following command, ( see AWS CLI official guide  ):

aws configure

Here you will need to know your AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key .

Note that the Secret Access Key ID is generated only once , so you need to keep it somewhere safe or regenerate a new one .

To get the 2 keys you would need to login to your AWS console and go to :

IAM > Users > Now select one of the users > Click on Security Credentials tab >  Now from here you can create a New Access Key 

Configure Amazon ECR Docker Registry

1. Login to your AWS console  .
2. Choose "EC2 Container Service"
3. Click on Repositories > Create Repository
4. Set a name for your repository 
5. Clicking on next will give you all the commands to login to ECR from aws cli , tag and push your image to your repo

For reference the official link to ECR is here .

Modify our Jenkins pipeline to perform a push

 Now that we have aws login configured on build machine and a private docker registry on Amazon we are ready to modify our Jenkins pipeline to perform the push .

Here I assume that you already do have Jenkins job existing and you know your way through the pipeline goovy codes .

So we will add the following :

stage('Publish Docker Image to AWS ECR '){
        def loginAwsEcrInfo = sh(returnStdout: true, script: 'aws ecr get-login --region us-east-1').trim()
        echo "Retreived AWS Login: ${loginAwsEcrInfo}"
        sh '${loginAwsEcrInfo}' 
        sh 'docker tag tomcat6-atlas:latest'
        sh 'docker push'

Note: Do replace the tag and push command with the actual values as indicated from your Amazon ECR repository page

Notice that I have a loginAwsEcrInfo variable defined in grovy , this is because I need to get the output of the command ' aws ecr get-login --region us-east-1 ' from sh which actually generates the command to login through docker using the aws credentials . This is possible thanks to the returnStdout flag on sh .

That should be it , you should be able to publish your image within your Jenkins job execution .

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