Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bejisa - Threatens our New Year Holidays !

Just been back from the supermarket its full of people pushing their loaded carts of  wine , beer , BBQ material and firecrackers but I wonder whether Mauritians will be able to be able to appreciate their BBQ or even their firecrackers tonight , I sincerely hope they do !

We currently have a cyclone warning class 1 on the island due to tropical cyclone Bejisa ..( I know its a weird name ) which is approaching the island . Now I just personally hope this is a mild cyclone which will lose in intensity in the next couple of hours as there will be a lot of people partying , drinking and driving at late hours from night clubs , parties or visiting family .

When lightning up your firecrackers or your BBQ make sure that you are shielded from strong winds which may deviate your coal for example into flammable material that may start a fire and cause harm to your property or that of others.

Make sure also to charge your batteries or top up your mobile data account , given that we have 2 days of holidays and risk of a cyclone you might end up turning your thumbs in the event of  an electrical blackout.

Nevertheless hope things work out fine in the next couple of  hours and hope every one has a very good New year party!


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