Monday, June 12, 2006

Google Spreadsheet

Following my sign up to Google Spreadsheet , I was invited in the limited testing of this new product from the Google labs.

I still can't understand who would eventually use such a service , who would disclose sensitive data online , but I guess people would use it for trivial data storage and display. Consequently i created a dummy Pizza eating world cup ..since i was a bit hungry.

Manipulation is exactly similar to that of Microsoft's excel , i do wonder if there are any patent infringes ..they are really really similar.

Whats annoying however is that there is no direct link to access spreadsheet from either google or your gmail. The only way i can access my account is by going back to the approval mail sent by google for my spreadsheet account.

But apart from that spreadsheet is really a full fledge worksheet minus the charts generation.

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Faisal ... said...

Maybe for community sharing. ;-)

Unknown said...

true but non sensitive information :)

ChickyBabe said...

I had a bit of a play as well and I thought the same as you, who would want to share info on a spreadsheet. I created a dummy one to play with with a friend. Most people use Excel. I'd say Google would have something else in mind they'd release later.

Unknown said...

i think this is one of many office like applications that google would like to put in place.

The spreadsheet app would serve as a prototype for these apps to test the public's responsiveness.