Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mosquito 2 or the return of the Chikungunya

A mosquito is spreading havoc and terror amongst people in MRU-DODO country these days. Our sister island is already in a panic since the Chikungunya spelt "Chicken Gundah"..(at least thats the way i spell it :P ).., has been infesting all the little ponds and stagnent water.

Our dear minister of health has been saying since last week that there is absolutely no reason to panic ...last week the count of sick people related to the mosquito bite was around 300 , at this moment it is around 600 so yeah he is right i mean its just that the number of sick people is doubling , we will wait for next week before panicking.

Given the fact that its been rainning intensively since a couple of weeks this has helped increased the number of these pests considerably. They even got their website http://www.chikungunya.net/.

Do note that unlike common mosquitoes ,which by the way are just as malicious, the chikungunya is bigger and has white stripes across its body and normally doesn't move very far from where it is born. This may explain why for the moment only people in Mahebourg are falling like flies (.....thats a good one).

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