Monday, April 18, 2005

MSN 7 news

MSN 7 now is in public release , so if you are still using your msn6.2 its high time your dump it away and try out the new version. There are a host of little improvements that make it an excellent IM companion.

Two or three things worth noting are :
1. Personal Message
2. Muggings or Dynamic Display pics
3. Search

What i like with the personal message is that at times you want to add a phrase or quote with your display name but when you write in conversations it becomes a real mess , this is where the personal message feature comes into play. You add your personal message , it appears next to your name in the title box of your conversation window , without appearing in your conversations. Also there is an option where you can have the song which you are playing in windows media player appearing next to your display name which is kind of neat.

The muggins are dynamic display pictures , when you place a smiley in your converstions , your display pictures change too (depending on which muggin you installed). To get a free muggin simply open a conversation box and click on packs you can select the top 4 packs each will install a different muggin. Else if you have a few spare bucks you get buy one from bluemountain.

With the search button in your conversation box you can perform searches without having to leave your conversation box.It returns the result in the conversation box itself after quering msn search

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