Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A 18th of January

Following comments that my Blog is too "techie" by a friend.. i've decided to write something which is not related to technology..

So! Lets get started.. on what to write? Here in Mauritius the weather is pretty crappy so I can't write about the beautiful sea and lagoons..hmm .. what else Mauritian actuality aha!....o forgot .. i dont watch Mauritian National TV ...I watch French Television....

.....am starting to get the temptation to write about something technical here... aaaaaaaa this is too hard!!!!!!!!

Hey my cousin got herself 2 cute little kittens .. i will try to place their pics online. (added to @TODO list)

My friend started her first blog ..wow welcome to the blog universe http://junean.blogspot.com/ .

I need a shave!

I had shawarma for lunch its kind of cheep Rs25 , thats less that one euro.

Its getting dark here i think it might be raining soon.

Well thats about how non techie i can get hihihihi

1 comment:

June-An said...

Not bad for a start!!! Still room for improvement of course but really, it must not be that hard for someone as kewl as you. :P