Friday, March 03, 2006

Diwa Cyclone and Zee cine awards

At the time of writing of this article a cyclone warning class 1 is prevailing in Mauritius in other words our weekend is gone for good , damn i love DODO land.

All is set to make people stay at home and watch the Zee Cine Awards , one of the biggest shows todate in Mauritius. Performs will come from bollywood direct to our little island for a 5 hour show broadcasted live to many stations through out the glode tommorrow.

Tickets are really expensive the lowest being rs 7000/- something to rs 20,000 for the VIP ticket which lets you sit with the Shah Rukh and Amithab Bachan. Its making big noise here almost outclassing the Chikunkungha epidemic which is just around the corner with the cyclonic rains that awaits us.

So i would be expecting many mauritians clustering in front of their TV sets on Saturday nite watching the show whilst Diwa makes her show outside and people getting themselves suck and bitting by mosquitoes on Monday... not a very rosy perspective but thats how nature gets it way with you when stars fall on your head :p
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The Stock Exchange of Mauritius said...

hiii javed

r u interested in link exchange??


La Louve said...

actually didnt get to watch the awards at al cos the antenna flew away :))) noone had bothered to get it away from the winds for a safe place...

Unknown said...

You didnt miss much wbix :)