Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tsunami alert in Mauritius

The news broke last night as I was watching BBC , there is a new EarthQuake off the shores of Sumatra and it seems that the risk of a new Tsunami raging its way through the indian ocean is very probable.

At this moment 2,000 people are estimated to have died on Nias an island off the shores of Indonesia and 80% of buildings have been affected in the town of Gungunsitoli.

According to French news site TF1 it is believed that there might be a risk of tsunami in the south of the indian ocean , which in this case would mean that we in Mauritius , Rodrigues and Reunion island would be directly affected.

From what i heard there are people in the north of Mauritius who fled from their houses to go in safety during the night.Although i havent any record or witness from anyone in Mauritius who have felt any quake tremor so far.

Lets wait and see what happens do stay in tune with your radio or tv set and be very careful if you are planning to go to the beach today.

I would like to thank Silflay Hraka for pointing out the danger of this new quake to me, his site has got very useful facts on the event.

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