Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Maha Shivaratree

Today our hindu friends are celebrating Maha Shivaratree.So its public holiday ,actually yesterday too was public holiday due to this festival where pilgrims in Mauritius go to Grand Bassin which is a dormant volcano..yes we are all ver brave on dodo island.. and fetch holy water from the lake which is at the center of the Grand Bassin crater.

Yesterday I went to the seaside at Mont Choisy thinking that as a lot of people will be praying I would have the beach all for myself, but i guess a couple of hundreds of people had the same idea as i did. But nethertheless I had a great time swimming through the seaweeds (yes it was low tide..).

Today after months of neglect i finally found time to remove the Sasser viruses which were feasting on my pc.Now I can surf without getting silly warning dialogs all over my screen. By the way if you do get warnings of type "Syshost.exe..." or "LSA shell" don't click on any buttons just ignore them else your pc will shut down in 60 secs.And do try Stinger from Mcafee

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