Friday, March 18, 2005

MSGPLUS 3.5 released WorldWide contest

messenger plus

The new messenger plus 3.5 is finally out and compatible with all versions of msn messenger upto version 7. It got the normal features of the previous versions plus some cool new features such as emotion sound.

I just installed my msg plus and it works pretty fine .The feature i love the most however is the dockable msn contacts , people that you want to be continously in contact with can be added directly on you desktop in dockable translucent boxes.

On top of that Patchou has organised a contest to celebrate this launch. Every week till end of April , a winner will get a PSP console and the final winner will get an AlienWare laptop , which by the way is mondo cool. This contest is held worldwide so join!

To get started please visit:

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