Wednesday, March 23, 2005

AlienWare the review

This is what i believe are the coolest hardware on the planet, not only is the design wicked but the performance of the AlienWare desktops and notebooks are really excellent.

Check out the AlienWare desktop:

...and notebook:

I think we should all throw away those big ugly pcs and get these babies instead, although the price is a bit high i must confess. The Alienware Aurora ALX SLI for example comes at a hefty price tag of $5259.00 !! However it does have some neat features such as:

  1. Dual 10,000rpm RAID 0 drives

  2. DUAL 256mb top-of-the-line PCIe graphics cards

  3. ATHLON 64 processor (finally, intel isn't the "gaming" processor

  4. PCI Express and SLI for the graphics cards

  5. PC 4400 RAM

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