Tuesday, March 29, 2005

1 TB free email

After the 1GB mail offerings from GMail and soon Yahoo Mail now we are moving in the 1TB email era. One such mail service offering 1TB mail is hriders.com. I must warn you though that there are a lot of adds in this mail service.

Still on the 1GB mail offerings i have tested walla.com which is kind of nice with not too many ads and a nice simple interface.

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Sid said...

Possible Tsunami headed your way. Be careful.

Unknown said...

Hi Bigwig,
thanks for the info i was watching BBC yesterday and saw the news about the EarthQuake off the shores of Sumatra.

I just hope this time people will get time to evacuate and there won't be any victims.

As for mauritius we are very far away from sumatra fortunately, but the risk always exist , we do get like 2-3 hours time for putting everyone into safety so its no so dangerous as for people of indonesia.

ColinKlinkert said...

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