Friday, April 01, 2005

Yahoo 360! Full review

Yahoo 360! start page

I finally got a Yahoo! 360 invitation yesterday. So how has my life changed since then...well not so much. The first impressions that you get when you enter your Yahoo! 360 degree homepage is that something is! There are absolutely no ads on this service, maybe because its in beta but for the moment is completely ad free.

The inteface is a bit dull which is not going to help things i suppose. So basically this service is supposed to bring you closer to your community of friends , relatives ,etc... so to this effect there are a number of tools which are available to help you socialise.

Yahoo 360! Search

Various searches are possible from the search menu (as you can see from the picture), however when i made a search for people in mauritius i found only 2 person , me and the other one being a friend i invited to test the service, i think for the socialising part we will have to wait for Yahoo 360! to fill up a bit.

yahoo 360! blog

The blog has all the features (or most of them) for making you a happy blogger. Above is my attempt to conquer the Yahoo! blogosphere.There is a neat blogroll feature and ability for you to moblog (blog from your mobile).Your entries will be published in RSS 2.0 feeds format.

Yahoo! photo

Above is a screenshot of Yahoo!Photo , to share your photos with your friends , frankly speaking i do prefer hello over Yahoo!Photo.

To sum up Yahoo 360! does not live up to the expections what I would have had , msn spaces is definitively more interesting that Yahoo 360!. I didnt come over any new or innnovative so I'm not very impressed with it. But the service is still in beta , so maybe with more people joining and more features are added , it can be more interesting.

Win a Yahoo360! invite
If you are interested in getting a Yahoo360! invite please add a comment as to what you are going to do with it.I would like to give invites to everyone but given the rate at which people are asking me , i won't have many left (..80 invites left), so hurry.....!!

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Doug Thacker said...

Javed, thank you so much for the invitation of an invitation to Yahoo360. But in fact I was already invited and have been over there playing around with it since sometime yesterday.

I was going to write a review of it, similar to yours. You stole my thunder! In fact, I already had the screen shots prepared for my review, but I was so busy answering emails from people I invited to Yahoo360 and hadn't heard from in ages, that I hadn't yet gotten around to writing my review. In fact, though, I think I'll still write that review.

I agree with you that Yahoo360 will fill up, once it's out of beta. Then, its social networking utility will really come to the fore.

javed said...

hi doug,
you can still write a review on the Yahoo 360 service , i'll provide a link to it on this blog.

As for yahoo 360 as a community builder, coming to think of it given the number of communities existing already orkut , hi5 , etc.. will people really want an nth social networking utility.

Anyway am looking forward for your review

Diego said...

It's a shame to hear that it's not in a league above Msn Spaces; in my opinion, design-wise it looks slicker but that won't be enough. I would like to test this anyway, to see how different this is from, say, My Space. I hope the blogging tools are well-thought and interesting. And above all I want to see what kind of crowd does this Yahoo! 360 service attract.

John Les said...

Hi Javed,

I think your review is a very good one. My idea is not to make another review with the invitation, but to compare Blogger and Yahoo360.
I have currently my own Blogger blog (sorry in Spanish) at said...

Hi Javed,

That was a good review. I stumbled across it because I was googling for yahoo 360 invites. I'm planning on going to Europe for two weeks and want to set up a blog for my travels. Yahoo 360 seemed like the best fit. Is there another blogging site that you would recommend? I just want to be able to upload a few pics to my blog post, link to a photo album, and get comments. Pretty basic. But I'd also like it if my wife could use it too. That way, both of our posts wouldn't be under the same user account. Is there such a thing as "group" blogging? Thanks.

Jordan Bressler said...

I have been with Yahoo since 1996 and am proud that it has helped make my life more efficient. That is exactly what my hope is to do with the invite to the new Yahoo 360 project. Thanks in advance for sharing.

Nice said...

I don't even know about Yahoo 360 before so U wanna try it.

nicepowerberry[at] said...

^^I forgot to mention my email.

I came across this review by

Hulk said...

I'd love to try out Yahoo360 and compare vs. the other social spaces. Currently I'm into LiveJournal (I know I know . . . I'm late to the party). I didn't really like Orkut. I do however like LinkedIn for business relationships.


Hulk said...

I'd love to try out Yahoo360 and compare vs. the other social spaces. Currently I'm into LiveJournal (I know I know . . . I'm late to the party). I didn't really like Orkut. I do however like LinkedIn for business relationships.


Adrian said...

Hi Javed, Thanks for adding a link to a thorough review to Yahoo! 360. I still prefer Blogger as a blogging tool, but Yahoo! 360 will make keeping in touch with friends easier.

javed said...

Hi people its really cool of you all to give feedback on your yahoo360 degrees experience.

For those of you in search of invites dont forget to add your mail address with your comment ,else i wont know where to send it too.

Keep using yahoo360 people , for my part am getting loads of people in my Yahooo 360 community so thats interesting before it was boring when there were not many people around.

John Les said...

Sorry Javed, I have posted a Comment before but I remember now I must give you my e-mail:

Thanks for all.

javed said...

no problem John i just sent you your Yahoo invite.


Anonymous said...

Please send me an invite.
Thnaks and Regards

Anonymous said...

hi Javed,

Please send me a Yahoo 360 invite @

Thanks & regards

Anonymous said...

Hi. do you still have yahoo360 invites? if so I would love to have one. thank you in advance :-)

yudarmina at yahoo dot com (no spaces)

Anonymous said...

Can I get an invite? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My friends and family have been shut out of Friendster and Orkut. We all have yahoo ID's so i am hoping we can get started in 360. Do you still have any invites? If so:



Justin said...
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Anonymous said...

Can i have an invite please? Thanks My ID

Kamakize said...

I'll trade soemone an orkut or gmail ivnite for a nice yahoo 360!
e-mail me at Kamakize @ yahoo

take care

Kamakize said...
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Joe said...

Blimey, I reckon I need one to sort my life out a bit - damn am I disorganised.

cujojv said...

I'd love an invite! My family is spread out all over creation and I love sharing reviews of books CDs etc., but have not efficient way to do it and this sounds like it'd work great. E mail: johnjvoorhees[at]

Anonymous said...

Hey man- thanks for the 360 info. I would like an invite. My email is Thanks. Check out my blog at

typorganism said...

Hey, I'm really interested in using yahoo 360. I'd like to test it and see how I can be organized. Please invite me! My email address is


KaptainSteve said...

hello, would you be so kind as to send me a yahoo blog invite.


kaptainsteve at yahoo dot com

Kookie Kokaine said...

hello Javed,

just a quick question; I may have missed it.... does Y360 have any options regarding skins or the overall look of the blog? It seems like the one they have is rather plain, but that may be 'cause it is still in its beta phase.

Thanks for any info, and an invite if possible.

hugs and kisses from Vienna...

Kookie :)


Anonymous said...

I'm really interested in using yahoo 360.
Please invite me! My email address is
Thanks a Lot.

Chris Andrews said...

Hi Javed, thanks for the review, just what I was looking for. I'm looking for something like this to "be" online with, so I'd love an invite.

Pls send to:



Lhys said...

I'm looking forward to 360º so I can stop selling my soul to Google and hand it over to Yahoo! I've signed up for the waiting list, so maybe in a thousands days I'll get in -- quite a shame, since my Yahoo!ID is 8 years old (consider I'm a 21 year old person who only got online in 1997, when it got not-so-expensive-anymore in Brazil) and when Google created Gmail it took me 21 days to get my account. Most of all I'd really love to see Yahoo!360º before it gets messed up like Orkut.

南大网侍郎 Nantah_webmaster said...

I am just curious of what this can do. I am a newbie at

Please send me an invite

Anonymous said...

Hi Javad.

Thanks for the 360 review!
I am very curious to see more and can't wait to try it out. If you have an invite left and feel like sending one my way I would definetly appreciate it! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi I would like an invite please.

I would like to have a a 360 account so we can look at their local drill down. I assume it works with yahoo local or at least there is an easy way to review local merchants.

Thank you.

Matthew said...

Hey Javed, great review! Does this really differ much from the whole Friendster/MySpace deal? I'm interested in checking it out if possible. I'll leave my email like the leecher I am, and if you can invite me, thanks in advance!

Christine said...

I would appreciate an invite. I currently have a Yahoo! email account and would like to get involved in everything Yahoo! has to offer.

Thank you,

Tran Le Duy Tien said...


I would like to try to use Yahoo 360. I tried many free blog utilities like Blogger, MSN Spaces, but none of them make my happy. I'm currently plan to have my own blog using Wordpress, but before doing that, I like to know whether Yahoo360 would help me...


Tran Le Duy Tien said...

Sorry, forgot to add my email:


colinho said...

Javed, thanks for the 360 review. I wouldn't mind an invite so that I can see first hand what all the fuss is about. colinho (at)

abhi said...

hi javed, read your review and found it informative. also i would certainly love to test this service first hand, so an invite would be great.

Anonymous said...

Nice review Javed. I asked to be invited from the Y!360 invitation page, but wasn't aware until today that they are already inviting... I've been using Yahoo! since they began (can't believe its been 10 years already). Intersted in being invited for community purposes. Thanks! rremintola at yahoo dot com

Dan Blanchette said...

Hi Javed-
Thanks for your review. I also use Blogger, and I'm also a big Yahoo fan and am curious to get a look at their latest venture. I have lots of ideas for 360 including using it as a network for the mental health community, and for far less academic projects like the upcoming NBA Playoffs. I'd love an invitation at danielblanchette at yahoo dot com. Thank you very much!

Wil said...

Nice review, Javed. Your assessment has confirmed many of my assumptions about what Yahoo!360 might be like -- good enough, but nothing new and exciting.

What would I do if I won an invitation to join Yahoo!360? I'd enjoy watching it evolve as it becomes more populated. I'd probably bug some of my friends to join. And I'd more than likely start another blog that nobody'd read.

And years from now I'd tell people "Yeah, well I joined 360 back when you could join any online social network you wanted without having to swear an Oath of Allegiance, when using a different browser or search engine wasn't considered an act of treason, and when 90% of all desktop computers ran the same operating system!" and my grandchildren's response will be "You mean your computers were on your desks???

If I'm lucky enough to win an invitation, my email address is wbroussard at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Latinamerica!!!
I´ve already have a msn space and working on my blogger´s space as well but i want to apply your Yahoo360 full review and make a detailed comparison.Please send me an invitation!!! my Yahoo ID is: navamoises

Anonymous said...

Interesting review... I've been using Yahoo mail for 8 years now, and something new can't hurt!

My Yahoo addy is dal_net [at] if you don't mind passing me one I will give you my impressions as well!!!

patti said...

Hi Jared,
Thanks so much for this review! I don't know if you're out of invites yet, but I'd love one if you still have any to spare (patti[at] I wish I could say I'd take over the world with Y!360 but the truth is, I just want to test it out and see how buzzworthy it is. Or at the very least, make some more buzz! :]

jd said...

I've found your review of "Yahoo 360!" very interesting.
If it is still possible to get an invitation I'd be grateful, for I'd like to try Yahoo 360 out with my EFL students.
my email:

Jalal said...

I'm really interested in using yahoo 360.
Please invite me in Yahoo 360.
My address is
With many thanks.

Gaby de Wilde said...

nice review :)

Alireza Ilkhani said...

Im so eager to recive an invitation from yahoo 360 to find out what is its advantages on the google's ORKUT.
please send one of yours to my mailbox.thanks alot.

BabaK said...

I wonder if It has enough features to compete with Orkut and Gazzag, I really hope so.

Vishnu said...

Hi Javed,
I saw u'r review of 360. Sounds interesting... I would like to try it out. My id is

Anonymous said...


i'm from Portugal and just read you Yahoo360º review and it made me want to try the service. I would love a invitation. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Very good overview of 360. If you've still got invites, I'd like to try it out. Thanks,

blogjm said...

I always want to try new things in internet world. so interested to use Yahoo 360. Just started using Google gmail,picasa,hello and blogger.
My email to send invite is

Anonymous said...


I'm really interested in using yahoo 360.
Please invite me in Yahoo 360.
my address is


ali said...

hi javed
Im very interested in using yahoo360
please invite me in yahoo 360

Anonymous said...

hi javed
Im very interested in using yahoo360
please invite me in yahoo 360

Anonymous said...

Javed, thanks for your offer of Yahoo360 invitations. I'd like to build my church group around Yahoo360 and see what church groups get linked via the social networking engine.


Anonymous said...


praveen said...

Can i get a yahoo360 invite?
Thanks in Advance

Anonymous said...

Hi Im very much interested in setting up a tech blog... can u please send me an invitation to yahoo 360....

I need it very badly. it wud help a lot... Thanks

My e-mail:

Muzammil said...

Invite Request


Never really thought of blogging got tired of all those passwords. Then heard Yahoo! was launching a service. Would love to share the latest obscure news with my people. Am a BlogVirgin indeed ;-)

Please send an invite to mMuzammils@(NoSpam)

Sushant said...

Hi Javed , thx for telling about
As this service is by yahoo hope to be a bit different. Is it something like Hi5 network for friends.

Plz reply me at

Sam said...

I would love a Yahoo 360 Invite

My address is: samdavyson[NO SPAM]

or if it has to be Yahoo: samdavyson[NO SPAM]

Anonymous said...

hi dude,
please send me one, i'd really like to see this 360 thing!

BOB said...

Can i have a yahoo360 invite?

thanks a lot

Suresh said...


Please can i have 360 yahoo invite. I need it for connecting all my blue friends.

Thanks and regards

DotCom said...

Hi there.I would like to have a 260 invite.because I am in Texas, and have family in East coast and hard to keep up with just email.
I will help to keep in touch with my neices and nephews and share with them.Thanks

DotCom said...

Hi there.I would like to have a 260 invite.because I am in Texas, and have family in East coast and hard to keep up with just email.
I will help to keep in touch with my neices and nephews and share with them.Thanks

~ Diano ~ said...

Hi there.
I would like to have an invitation if you still got any left. I would like to compare it with Korean Cyworld features.

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Holy said...

A nice review,highly informatrive.You seem to have well researched before writing it.Infact being a loyal Yahoo user.I recently got my 360 page.i am quite impressed with type of trffic it generates.Beside you get many features at one place like IM,blog and mail.

Joseph Dunphy said...

Time has passed, it is now 2007 and I guess much has changed. As you can see for yourself, the format is much more flexible than what you seemed to have available to you, though what one gets certainly can't compare to the flexibility of Blogger:

It is, however, really, really easy to use and a good source of traffic. Yahoo photos - I'm not sure why you brought that up, as it was a different service, and right now, a defunct service. Yahoo bought out Flickr, which they then used to replace their own photo service. A few people were very upset with that, some very understandably so as this move will render large, pre-existing galleries nonexistent in a few months and pictures were lost in the transfer, but for most of us, I think, the switch has been mostly positive. Others will disagree.

In summary I would say: deeply flawed, but not as bad as some would make it sound.