Thursday, April 14, 2005

Running mutiple IE on WinXp

This is the nightmare of most web designers , you need to test your site on multiple versions of Internet Explorer. I happened that recently i got the same problem , so I had the option of either reformat my precious harddisk else find a way to run MSIE 5.5 (Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 ) on my WinXP.

So after some querying on my favorite search engine I got the answer to my problem on this blog .

If you want to get a quick answer this is what you should try:
1. Download the following zip file:
2.Unzip the zip file anywhere on your pc
3.Find the IEXPLORE.exe and click it
4.Test your version of internet explorer by going on the following url:


1.Clicking on the about button in the internet explorer 5.5 will give you false information on the browser it will display 6.0 as browser information you need to go to the above stated URL

2. When checking browser information on multiple browsers don’t forget to refresh your page else you will get the cached page from your previous browser thus showing innacurrate information

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