Friday, December 08, 2006

Xmas Decorations

Ho ho ho ..the XMAS Spirit is spreading across the world...December is here and as everyone knows this is the month where we party the most....which is a good thing after a year of hard work . By the way father xmas if you read this blog .. its been 15 years since you gave me anything .

Anyways (meh) we have started decorating our TNT office (the best company in the world) , with some decorations. Because of security reasons I will show only the entrance though. Yes you can consider the office as a mauritian version of Area-51.

Father XMas ...(yes am coming back to the old bugger..oops ..forget i said that Papa Noel) , you will find my socks in my cupboard , there are 50 of them. There is also my shoes and a shoe polish and brush next to them ...if you have some spare time ..well you know what to do ....just kidding there father xmas no need to get angry.

Okie so just in case you forgot where I live (??!!!@&%£$), am leaving my GPS coordinates with yah -60.1234222,69.91231232 .Now you don't have any reasons to miss me for the 16th time.

However if you reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally need to give presents to more needy ppl ..(pfft kids they always get what they want)...well you can just send me a blog comment :) .


Unknown said...

Dear Javed, sorry for having forgotten you for the past xxxx's just that I have had loaaaaaaads to do. So in order to alleviate any pain that I might have caused(I know that it is impossible, but still...) you can have anything you want: Aston Martin, your dreams :D


Unknown said...

Oh thank you Santa for not forgetting me , reallllllly could i get an Aston Martin and N93 in my dreams?

However Santa since when you changed your name to Ashna?



P.S I have doubts that you are the original Santa , the real one is too broke to offer me an Aston Martin and an N93 :P

Anonymous said...

Dear javed,

The only reason I would not give you an Aston Martin is because it would not fit under your Xmas tree. And the only reason I would not give you an N93 is because you will go nuts taking pics with it. See son, I only have YOUR best interest at heart and that is why I didn't come by for the past 15 yrs.....


P.S: Ashna put a comment on my behalf, where do I go to sue her?

Unknown said...

Hmm this looks like the real Santa , hes broke!

Although I do have a doubt with the sueing thing !!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

You can sue me in either heaven...or hell... the latter is more likely :D

Ashvin Gunga said...

Hey dudes, don't forget to keep our gifts under the christmas tree...even a small one...

Whoever decorated the tree did a good job!

Anonymous said...

Who's got a beard that's long and white
Who comes around on a special night
Special Night, beard that's white

Must be ........
Must be .........
Must be CARIIIINE of course


Unknown said...

merci ashvin inutile dire toi mone faire 99% decoration la mo tout seule personne pas fine aide moi ..baise sa mo dire toi :P

ok ok bon pou gagne batter la ..bon kit fois carine ek ashna ek vedhna ek javed n ek kissen ek sach ine aide moi ene tigitte aussi.

B ki sa zistoire cadeau la sa.. toi ki bisin donne nous cadeau pas l'inverse toi ki p revini la ... mais seulment pas alle rode cadeau dans poundland!

Ashvin Gunga said...

ayo...b la ba em nou p pense pou acheter zot chocola tou sa...depi 99p (pa poundland)!!!!!!!!!! pa gete prix zot do..intention ki counter...ek pa casse tete, choco la pou bon li...hahahahaha..

Unknown said...

b bas bisin to alle 99p alle 1p land la bas to rode ene zoli cadeau pas bisin mette papier cadeau naryein lor la ..neck ecrire to nom Ashvin Gunga lor la mo offert toi sa cadeau la pou noel.

Unknown said...

ashvin sure yogesh bien ... li p truve carine ena la barbe asterla !!!!

fini soigne li bien avant li vini hein taler li trouve vedhna li penser sach !... :P