Sunday, December 24, 2006

99.9% Xmas Spirit

Xmas is tomorrow and where others are having a cold and white Xmas we are having a hot and wet one.

I was at the bazaar in Port-Louis earlier, man it was crowded , people were in a special frenzy to get all their vegetables , meat and fish for the XMAS dinner and parties. One guy almost stumbled over me , he was carrying a bag of potatoes on his head ....that was scary :S.

Another thing I noticed were that lottery tickets were selling like pancakes needless to say that I bought Rs 200 worth of them, after all the grand prize is Rs10 Million ...but then i did win the lottery some weeks back so its ok if i don't win the Rs 10 Million ;) . Then had a cold glass of our national Alouda with Cream on top of it ... mmm delicious.

Its now time for me to wish you all a very happy , safe and festive Xmas . Remember do not drive and drink , I need you to read my blog!

My Xmas present for you people , a video of a stupid kid jumping off a balcony on top of Xmas tree :

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Ashvin Gunga said...

Clip la payer sa..

You said it right, Don't drink and drive. You remember what Vikash said: "dont' drink and drive when you can drink and fly" ;-)

Anywayz...Merry Xmas big bro! And Enjoy!