Friday, December 01, 2006

World Aids Day

Today 1st December is World's Aids Day. Many people through out the world are still suffering from this evil virus which has shattered many families and killed thousands of innocent children. As much as 5,500 people die on a daily basis in Africa from AIDS.

What's annoying is that simple gestures could have saved so many lives . Use condoms when having sex, if you are a drug addict don't share your needles (don't be an addict in the first place!)..these are stuffs that we have been taught for so long and still so many people don't care to take their precautions thinking that AIDS happens to others and not to them.

For those that want to help people affected by this virus please do not hesitate to donate and help progress research to find a cure against HIV AIDS.

Meanwhile the (RED) campaign under the blessings of U2 singer Bono is selling a number of products for the benefit of helping those suffering from this disease.

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Anonymous said...

Just thought these figures might help highlight the current situation...

40 million people worldwide are living with HIV.

25 million people have died as a result of AIDS since the disease was identified.

15 million children worldwide have lost one or both parents as a result of AIDS.

More than 3 million people die as a result of AIDS each year.

...and how much worse it could get if we don't do anything about it