Saturday, February 10, 2007

Your phone in 5 years time by Nokia

Lets face it every 5-6 years theres a major change in technology like right now Windows Vista is taking over Windows XP (big change according to Gates), IPod now allows you to make phone calls ..with the IPhone, fried rice is now replaced by this one is not replaceable!..

The following video shows how Nokia believes the future of handhelds would look like in the next coming years looks like a Nintendo DS packed with I must admit ..awesome features!!

As a bonus this is the second part of the video it seems that it was taken from a Nokia presentation

The GUI on the 2nd concept phone is just as cool as the first although it has clearly a different design .

Both models make use of touchscreens which is i believe the way things are going to be for our friends in the future you will have to make sure your hands are clean ..not just for dinner!

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