Friday, January 26, 2007

Mine Appollo has a blog too

After all kinds of blogs here is one original blog about mine appollo which is the favorite noodle of the Mauritian nation.

I normally eat mine appollos like at least 3 times a month .Some while back when I was still going to college , I used to eat at least one everyday. I even took 5 packets to South Africa last year and I must say it was just fantastic to enjoy a good mine appollo far from home.

Mine appollo comes in at least 4 flavours there is Shrimp , Chicken and 2 Vegs , if am not mistaken here (please correct me). I love the Veg ones then I can add all kinds of toppings to enhance the flavoring.

On the mine appollo blog you will get all kinds of recipes that you can try at home. If you live outside of Mauritius , I can always send you a packet of noodles by courrier ;).


Carine said...

I like mine appollo although I don't eat it very often.

Funny that it's the first thing a special person (he'll know who he is!) cooked for me, so of course mine appollo is my favorite noodle!

waz said...

wow! thanks for sharing that link!
i miss my mine apollo! :(