Saturday, January 13, 2007

13 Jan Saturday blues

As usual I went to the Cite Martial bazaar (la foire) in the morning only to find out that it had moved to another location inside a brand new building with separate sections for vegetables , fish , chicken , beef and cloth/accessories sellers. The new bazaar is located behind the Mahmmad Elahee stadium up near the mountain..actually just at the foot of it .

The shift was not made smoothly as there were many merchants who were unable to find stalls at the new complex . This is why the police force made sure to show their presence in the area and where the old bazaar stood the roads had been blocked.

Afterwards I headed to galaxy where there was a sales going on .An advert had been playing on the air assuring that you would be glaxaciter (..apparently get excited) by their sales. Personally I didn't find anything really interesting or worthwhile. There might have been like 10-12 persons more than usual but nothing worth getting excited about.

I also went to the Cash & Carry to get a new iPod but the price tag was still too heavy at Rs10,000 something , I guess I would prefer buying it out of the country.

Then I came back home and decided to have a go at Second Life , I initially downloaded the client last year when I bought my PC but then gave up on it. After a 26MB update I was teleported to an empty landscape ,seems there are less and less people in the virtual network.

Suddenly it came to me that I should blog about all this uninteresting things because I really didn't have anything better to do :).

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