Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Out to South Africa

To everyone whom I might not have had the time to say this , well am leaving Mauritius tommorrow to South Africa for work ,I would be back normally before or on X-MAS.

Sorry for not having called everyone cause I just got the news myself.At least its a good thing to have a blog :P, you can desiminate information quickly.

However I dont have any clue if I will have facilities there to go online or if I'll have time to blog ...normally i wont.

Ayways be sure I will try to take a maximum of photos possible and will go hunting for the LION in the bush !!!!!

I do hope to meet some Mauritians there in SA , so if you are Mauritian and you are in SA just send me a mail ... :P

I think I will concentrate all the personal blogging on My MSN Space as its faster and keep the photos on flickr so do check these out.

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