Monday, November 14, 2005

Infotech 2005 aftermath

So I did eventually go to infotech 2005 on Saturday, there was less stands than before , it was hot and everyone was crowded inside a small arena, it felt a lot like being in an oven with lots of crawling ants...needless to say rude , pushing and sqeeking ants.

This time I walked with my hands in my pocket so as vendors dont keep junking their brochures my way or at times I just kindly(..hmm) refused to grab everthing they threw at my face.

Met loads of people there with everyone saying the same thing .. "Nothing new!" or "Theres nothing to see" which depicted exactly the situation. One stand that really attracted me was that of the MT+ livebox , which is a small rectangular box which provides you with ADSL access , internet TV and video-enabled fixed telephone line surprisingly the stand was empty....yes Mauritians are really techie

Most people were after the cash & carry stands which had on display their inexpensive computer-wares ..mind you a Sony Vaio at rs62,000 , I do wonder who would be the idiot who would spend that amount on a laptop. There was also the leal informatics stand that had quiet a few visitors with the IPod Nano looking realy cute and sexy. And the Apple-Mini being sold at rs 18000 (without a screen).

On the whole the only thing I would cherish in my memories of that Saturday would be the ride to Mer-Rouge and back home!

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Faisal ... said...

I read that there were competitors to Cell+ and EMtel who wanted to introduce CDMA2000 as oppose to UMTS. It's really the same thing to be honest.