Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Me v/s the Mango Eater Bats

Eaten up mangoes
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Last night was one of the most annoying and sleepless night of my entirely life. The reason BATs!

This must be my 3rd blog entry on these dumb creatures. Even my parents are now concerned with them, no one is able to sleep peacefully annymore.

Imagine being waken up at 1:45am by flapping wings , sqeaky noises over a well-laden late-night mango dinner party... just after having seen Dracula TV ..brbr..

So I decided that enough was enough , me and my dad come up with a list of possible solutions to frighten them off .

First we tried to light up all lamps in the house but this did not have much effect . Dad told me that someone had advised him to put a radio near the tree , so we bundled his little blue radio to a sort of long stick and placed it high up near the mangoo tree ... that was the end of dad's favorite blue radio ... as it fell with a big crash .

Exasperated I took hold of the stick and angrily rattled it through the leaves of the tree , imagine our surprise on seeing at least 20 bats rising up to the dark skys one by one . And there were big ones amongst them. Actually the entire area we live in is full with loaded mango trees at this period of the year and for the bats its like a gigantic mall.

Tonight am gonna try scaring the hell out of them with firecrackers. Anyone has any suggestions , i would be glad to hear them.

Ah and yeah the picture shows the mess after the late night dinner in my yard.

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Eid Mubarak Javed

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Eid Mubarak Faisal :)