Saturday, October 08, 2005

Mauritius Continuum and the Aibo dog

Bright saturday morning , nice weather , no birds chirping , an excellent day to stay at home in front of your pc you will say...hmm. Well just finished reading the newspaper it seems some laptops are being sold at really low prices in MRU finally such as the Gigbyte 1.7Ghz laptop from Leal informatics which sounds cool at rs39,000 .

Its getting warmer on dodo island these days an definitively less windy. Mango trees are all laiden with their fruits , actually am getting unwanted visitors at night in the form of bats. The little beasts are eaten up all the mangoes on my tree. Thats not really a problem except that they creat a lot of mess in the yard under the good old mango tree.

Coming back to the newspaper , I also read that the japs have created yet another version of their robot Aibo Dog with additional features including the ability to take pictures with its cameras and upload the photos along with words that it hears to a blog online! Imagine not only does man's most faithful metallic friend get your newspaper and roll when you clap hands but is also blogs all the crap that it see's in your house online...without your permission (ok am kidding here)! Actually the owner is the one who decides the entries to be sent to the aibo blog.

However if it was to be hacked the Aibo could turn out to be a really cool spy and be sent on secret missions all around the world to save the world.But until that happens we have to contempt ourselves with a blogwriter doggie which comes at the price of around $ 2,000.00 and in 3 different colours black , white and gold. The Aibo also provides video recording functionalities and can be used for house sitting which honestly i think is great , you get a robot that can run all corners of your house take pictures , send them online for monitoring , doesnt not make stupid noise , doesnt mess up your floor , doesn't require any feeding and on top of that serves as a music player and diary. So much functionalities that make your life ever easier , for my part am waiting for the next version of Aibo , the one that irons your clothes and does the cooking ;) .

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dom said...

I love the pictures of Mauritius , it's so pretty.. come by my blog and leave me a pretty flag :-)

Faisal ... said...

Cool little thing. Unfortunately there is still a need to feed it, that is charging its battery :-)