Friday, October 21, 2005

Flock - New variant of firefox

Am currently writing this post using Flock the new variant of FireFox . This new browser has really tight integration with tools such as blogger , flickr , del.i.cious etc.. which adds really powerful editing capabilites to your browsing experience.


Faisal ... said...

All the lines on your blog seemed to be underlined. Could it be because you created your post with flock? Would be interesting to know.


Unknown said...

Yes faisal thats right i created it using flock , thats why it is underlined.

Flock doesnt seem to be really working properly as it is still in beta :)

Book said...

I had flock beta.. but you know KATRINA happened..

Unknown said...

So how are things going on book , what happening re-construction wise in New Orleans?