Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mailnation comes up with 1000GB mailbox

The war of mail providers are at its peak , now comes MailNation offering 1000GB mail thats way more than GMail , Goowy , Yahoo Mail and 30Gigs .

The interface is very professional and is just like outlook express , dont expect AJAX , FLASH or advanced JavaScript here. Theres nothing out of the common and its simplicity somehow gives it a really "work" type attitude.

Unlike 30gigs , mailnation does show you the amount of storage you still have left , you are allowed to send up to 10MB mail attachments, there's wap-acess , auto-message ,forwards and completely-utterly ad-free. Its really brilliant.

No need of any invitation to get a MailNation account just register directly.It terms of mail size , i beleive that MailNation is simply awesome , give it a go!

By the way thanks to the little kitten who helped me find it :P .

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Faisal ... said...

I think that it's all going crazy. They want traffic and publicity. I will give it a go though :-)

Unknown said...

i've got some news of next features of goowy though and am sure that you will find that this flash based email service is going to make some even better noise than the terabyte mail box size.