Sunday, July 24, 2005

Msn virtual earth beta version out

Just tried to find mauritius using the new virtual earth map service from msn.Well according to the search result , Mauritius does not exist or has not been discovered yet!

Being on a 56kb dial-up line did not help things out , it takes ages for the page tiles to load , I wouldn't recommend any of you to navigate a map if you are not on broadband.

I am very much disappointed by the interface offered by msn , there is however a new feature called the "locate me" which is useful when you get lost somewhere between africa and alaska. Or if you don't on which continent you currently are due to amnesia or something or better if you are a secret agent and it happened that they shipped you somewhere without telling you where.

Now there are 2 ways to get msn to find you . The first one being to install a software on your pc thank you and the second method is to having msn analyse your ip.. i prefer this option . However msn was unable to find me ....logical since they have not discovered Mauritius yet!

My recommendation use Google Maps instead , its faster and nicer to use from my perspective .

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Book said...

I love Googles. Because MSN is in beta stages it hasnt completed the US map. lol

Unknown said...

yeah its kind of stupid to propose a world map that will work for only one country or state. lol