Friday, July 29, 2005

MCM virus removal solution

Lately i got a virus called MCM it is detected as an ".exe" with allows the mcm suffix appended to it, you can get it in the form of mcm.exe , mcm[1].exe ,etc...

Although i had Symantec Antivirus and the Microsoft Anti-Spyware installed, both were unable to remove it on my system. After a few searches i came across this page , which explained how to remove the crap out of my pc using hijackthis.

Hijackthis did identify mcm in its log but that too didn't help to remove it , so i had a look at the running processes and there was one "system.mcm" . I first had to terminate the process and then had to go to windows directory where there was a copy of this "system.mcm" file stored. Next step was to delete this "system.mcm" file.

That did it , nothing better than a hand to hand combat with a virus.

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