Friday, July 08, 2005

London Bombing of 7th July 05

Like many Mauritians I was really horrified to learn that there had been a terrorist attack killing 37 and wounding 700 innocent civilians. There are loads of Mauritians in london and our immediate reaction here have been to contact as many as possible to see if they were ok.

Its really depressing to see that every year there is always a bunch of idiots out there who kill innocent individuals just because they want to get themselves heard and whats worst is that as they strike in the dark its always others that get blamed for such actions.

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Wigi said...

I can't Believe That people will go to these means to what?, prove a point,The injustice that is happening to them and their family's. What do think they will get from people by these actions ?

Unknown said...

You right wigi , these actions can only be condemned. Some people have lost all their humanity by killing innocent civilians , they dont not care if they are killing children , woman , old people etc..

Hatred makes people blind , deaf and dumb . Terror , war never helped solving problems. I think that everyone from every community should condemn such acts of terrorism.