Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Motorcyclists wear uniforms now

Went to buy some rotis in the morning in Port-louis and it immediately struck me that something had drastically changed on our roads.

Dozen of brightly colored individuals were riding their bikes whilst flashing colors ranging from bright orange to lemon yellow. This is due to a law that has been passed that makes wearing those reflectors compulsory even in daylight as of 1st of Jan 2014.

Note that in Port-louis there are a lot of policeman so better wear that reflector if your using your bike.

I personally think its a good move to protect 2 wheelers although definitively not very sexy ! :)


Carine said...

That would so cramp my style...glad this law was only passed now! :P

Unknown said...

yeah they could have had it for only motorcyclists taking the road after say 5pm or something but no its all day long now .. whats worst is that people don't take their reflectors off when they come down their motorbikes .. so you see them with the reflectors almost everywhere