Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Cyclone warning class 2 - Bejisa

Update 2-Jan-2014  9:05pm: There is now no cyclone warning in Mauritius , theoretically normal office day tomorrow !

Update 2-Jan-2014  6:30pm - A cyclone warning class 2 is still in force in Mauritius .  Adding some photos which are circulating on Facebook. Outside there are still sudden bursts of rain , weather is heavily cloudy in Port-Louis.

Picture of waves hitting Caudan Waterfront in Port-Louis

Careless people with small children enjoying themselves at the beach 

Branches/Trees have falling down near by car parking

Update 2-Jan-2014 12:17pm - Raining a lot in Port-Louis at the moment for some 30 minutes now looks like its  going to continue like that for a while now , also the cyclone is moving past Mauritius onto Reunion island , until something really unexpected happens chances are that tomorrow its normal working day :) !

Update 2-Jan-2014 8:08 am - Just had some heavy rainfall some moments ago in Port-louis , so hard that I could not open the window to take a picture as the rain was gushing in  , now its gone back to be more calm but there will be intermittent rainfall throughout the day. Thankfully its not hot the temperature is 23 degrees Celcius so its more or less bearable.

Update 2-Jan-2014 6:00 am - There is still a cyclone warning class 2 in force in Mauritius .

In Port-Louis the weather is cloudy there are some strong winds and some rain but nothing apart from that I cannot see any damage to trees etc.  From the looks of the updated trajectory however it appears that to be curving towards our friends in Reunion island either case for them the 3rd is going to be stormy.

Picture Source L'Express

Original Post 1-Jan-2014 -Mauritius has gone in cyclone warning class 2 looking at the satellite imagery it is highly likely that we will go in cyclone warning class 3 probably somewhere tomorrow afternoon and possibly not cyclone warning on the 3rd of January but this is only guess work , it might just be that cyclone turns a bit to the right and it would go over Mauritius rather than down straight to Reunion island.

                                                           Picture Source L'Express

The latest bulletin can be found here:

By the way if you are in Reunion be careful and take all your necessary precautions as in current downward progression it is highly likely that the eye of the cyclone will pass straight over the island according to the predictions of the Mauritius Meteorological Station (MMS).

However there is one thing which I was finding weird in the last prediction from MMS when there was a cyclone warning class 1 , the path of the eye of the cyclone was between Mauritius and Reunion which appeared really odd to me since the cyclone was really far off. I was thinking it would go rather downwards to the south.

Now with the latest satellite imagery I can see that at the actual path of the cyclone is indeed straight to the south which makes sense but then there are a lot of factors that affect the trajectory of a cyclone.

Lets see how things goes during the night hopefully there will not be any casualties and only wind and rain .

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