Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Luck

At times I feel like the luckiest dude on the planet , everyday when I wake up , I check my mail I win a lottery in some far end corner of the globe like the states or the UK. People harass me so as I come collect my prize but am really so lazy..even to collect money.

At times some people send me mails about Top Secret plots in Africa and they send me all kinds of links which I must visit. I also gets loads of business ventures in this continent , I guess given the time I am receiving their kind invitation I must be knowing more people in Mozambique and Zaire than in my own country.

Last month I had a tragedy some really far relative which I never met or heard of before sent me a mail on his dying bed (... yes he had wifi in his house), in his mail he gave away all his wealth to me . Its all mentioned in the Will he scanned as attachement (..yes he had a scanner next to his dying bed).

Only mails i really cann't support are these mails about pharmaceutical products .. i say its really none of their business! :P

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