Friday, September 08, 2006

Do you have a cold or a flu ?

Here in the southern hemisphere we are slowly preparing to greet Summer , at last the days of sneezing and coughing are going to end whilst our friends in the Nothern hemisphere will gradually have there dose of sunshine diminishing to a cold and pityless weather.

Its then the time to catch a cold or a flu. Did you know that there is actually a difference between the two and that both can be treated with off-the shelf pharmacy products instead of going to a doctor who would inevitably rip you of some bucks? However if you get an influenza and require anti-biotics you do need the prescription from a doctor , depending on local health policies in your country.

I came across a pdf explaining this whilst suffering from a acute influenza in the UK last month. It explains clearly what you should do and some very interesting facts about treating yourself when you suffer from these illnesses.

And of course don't forget to keep some tissues with you they are always really very handy ;) .


Battle Against Cold and Flu

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Anonymous said...

Javed? He's been working his ass off since 7:30 this morning...didn't take his eyes off his screen for more than a couple of mins!!

And what has he been working on??
--- updating his blog --- amongst others!!! :P

Unknown said...

was something worth sharing with the world wasn't it :P