Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Infotech 2005

Infotech 2005 registration has already started and the event is due in November. Some years back lets say 5-6 years ago , this used to be a very hyped event where many companies used to compete to provide the best pc equipments at the lowest possible prices.Actually many companies would get the most clients during this interval.

The show would attract many people and just the sight of the number of visitors and cars parked around Mer Rouge itself showed how popular the event was.

However since a few years Infotech doesn't seem to attract visitors , the stands are almost empty and very few items are actually on sale. There are more and more institutions trying to sell IT based training and less and less companies selling pc equipment which is a shame.

Its really heart breaking that such an event would lose its magnitude , I even wonder if am gonna take the trouble of going there in the first place this year. I think the organisers should do more to attract the crowds and allow small companies to enter the event with less registration fees as it is these companies which attract pc / gadget consumers by their low price tags on goods.

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