Friday, September 16, 2005

Blog of an avocado tree

Thats an intelligent idea , we had blogs about everything but not about our dear plants , really you should try this out faisal's Diary of an Avocado tree.

Given the speed at which an avocado tree grows i bet you will get some really nice entries until we get to reap the fruits. Some nice photos are available at this time its only about 2 months old. We learn that our avocado friend migrated from Mauritius as a seed and now lives and grows in England.

It also likes eating a blue thing but that's up to your to find out what it is hehehhe.

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Faisal ... said...

Hey, thanks for this. How did you find out?

Unknown said...

Hey i read your blogs too :)

dom said...

Hi Javed , this may sound crazy, but ,My Girlfriend is jealous of my Mauritian Flag on my Neo counter, would it be possible just to go to her site to stop her bugging me ?LOL

Thanks in anticipation

Unknown said...

hey that does sure sounds crazy lol... but as i always like helping friends , i went to your girlfriend debbie's site .... so she's got the Mauritian flag too !!

Once again i save the world .. :P

BTW you both have really nice blogs keep it going!

Faisal ... said...

Coool :)

ahadoo said...

Kung shee fat choy!!
Wassup man??
Your blog is really cool!