Monday, February 28, 2005

Laszlo adventure continues

My laszlo app showing defects console Posted by Hello

So here is what has happened since my last post about my laszlo app.

1. I was able to fine tune the backend for the xml request and response processing in my Struts Action classes.

2. I played around with a number of components namely:

  • Views - these are one of the basic component of laszlo application

  • Scrollbar - this component was a real pain to master. It never clipped with the right view or it never scrolled properly but thank god after 2 days of fight i finally was able to clip it with my view which contained dataset information

  • Reference - how to access a particular texfield , combo , view , window was really confusing until I dug into the LZX reference manual and found out that if I called my canvas components using an id instead of using its name , I would not have to give the location of the component (parent.parent.myViewName) but just call the component by its id e.g myViewId .

  • Splash - I added a progress bar which is displayed until my laszlo application is loaded. However there is a point where the screen is blank and then after a few seconds the application is displayed. Reading through the Laszlo forums I understood that this was a common problem.

  • The picture above shows a defect console where one can log defects and assign it to employees. Of course this is just me fooling about with the interface , eventually i hope i will be using more icons and more drag and drops instead of having to fill up text boxes needless to say that the interface will change as I understand more of laszlo.

    One thing to note however was that I was pretty much dissapointed by the lack of support on the laszlo forums , most of my answers I had to find myself in the LZX reference manual and also a lot of trial and error was required to understand most of the components.

    Anyways this does help to prove that for any new language or technology the best way to learn is by hands on practice. Coupled with a good manual , hands on practice does help to get you started quickly and in my opinion the true way to learn.

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