Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Rich Internet Applications

Wanting to engage myself into developing RIA (Rich Internet Applications) to make the most out of multimedia capabilities existing nowadays , i turned myself to Macromedia Flex. You need to buy a license to use Flex and many a developer dont have that much capital as to purchase a Flex presentation server starting at $12,000 for commercial use. There is a non-commercial license which lets developers use Flex.

However Flex now in version 1.5 comes with loads of support and documentation from Macromedia. There is an IDE called Flex Builder 1.0 which is somehow similar as Macromedia Dreamweaver but with the advantage of editing and viewing MXML files which is the language in which Flex apps are written in.

Installation of Flex is pretty straight forward too , you just have to dump a FLEX.war file inside Tomcat 5 for example and presto .. you can start developing flex apps.

Another solution to developing RIA apps is Laszlo , I stumbled on this a few days ago while looking for information on Flex. Laszlo which intially was very expensive had to go open source following the entry of Flex in the RIA market. Laszlo makes use of XML and JavaScript to deliver rich media apps.Currently it makes use of Eclipse 3 as IDE and the presentation server (101 MB) is available for free download.


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